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A New Way to Display Your Photos!

There is something to be said for preserving memories, and all the fun and funky ways we do it. Facebook, Instagram, scrapbooking, living room wall galleries, keeping bins of photos in the attic and only bringing them down when you have had a few glasses of wine (coughJennacough)… whichever way you do it, you do it for a reason. Those moments remind you of that certain time and *hopefully* bring a smile to your face. Unless you’re that person who has photos of an ex all over the house. And in that case, I can’t help you. Maybe get a puppy?

Last year, I found out about this company called StickyGram, which turns your Instagram photos into magnets. Uhm, wut? You’re gonna make me smile while I’m scavenging the fridge at 2AM, trying not to wake up the Hubs? I’m sold.

I bought my first set (they come in sheets of 9, and you guys, it’s REALLY HARD to pick just nine) for my mom last Christmas. I selected some great photos from the year, like when my brother got his Harley, the family barbecuing, a few shots of my mom and dad. She loved them. She actually took everything off her fridge and now only has her StickyGram magnets on there. That’s dedication.

So then, I obviously needed my own. And they have been hilarious talking points (especially when friends stop by and see their face on my fridge), make great gifts and give me my own personal giggle all the time.



A cute way to display some drinking-fun times! Also, behind my bro’s head on the right, that’s my mom’s fridge with her StickyGram magnets! I wasn’t kidding!


Show off some of your favorite traveling photos, like I did here from my trip to Germany in July!


Seasonal photo magnets are always fun, so you can switch them out throughout the year! Here are some of my favorite photos from my Fall Photo Challenge!

I’m sure at this point you know where I am going with this. I’m so excited to announce the prizes for the 12 Days of Christmas Mini-Photo Challenge: five winners will each get their own sheet of StickyGram magnets!

I just felt the vibration of five thousand fists pumping in the air. I know, it’s super exciting. Use these magnets to preserve your memories from the 12 Days of Christmas Mini Photo Challenge, or pick photos you can keep on your fridge all year round! Obviously, from my photos throughout this post, you can see I did all of the above.

You guys are doing awesome, btw, on the challenge already! If you want to see the photos that are being submitted, just search the hashtag #LATT12DaysofChristmas on Instagram or Facebook. It’s so cool! If you want to particpate, it’s not too late: sign up here and start snapping!

* A HUGE thank you to StickyGram for sponsoring the winners of the 12 Days of Christmas Mini Photo Challenge!
** While StickyGram is sponsoring the winners, I did not receive any compensation or free magnets for writing this post. All of the StickyGram magnets featured here I actually purchased on my own because I freaking love this company. Boom.


  1. This is so neat! I just joined instagram a few months ago, and am turning into quite the shutterbug. This would be a neat way to display my instagram addiction. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cut the shit with that pic of us. Is that really your magnet? My skinny arm! I was so proud of my arm that day :)

  3. Very excited about the stickygram magnets!!!! I definitely had the fist pump!!

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