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November Gift Guide

It’s here! It’s here!

Ok – maybe you’re not as excited as I am for this month’s gift guide, but pretend to be. For my sake. Especialllllllly because the holidays are fast approaching. This is a little series I do every month featuring five of my favorite gift ideas that I have seen around the interwebz over the last 30 days. Most of the items are inexpensive, but make for great, personalized gifts that (most of the time) will give your loved ones a chuckle. Missed the last few? Here are September and October so you can catch up.

1. Pink General Tool Set

Apollo Precision Tools Pink General Tool Set -  I want this. (Hint Hint that’s not even a hint. It’s a blatant request.). An adorable tool set to keep around the house (so, you know, you don’t have to excavate the Hub’s garage to find a damn hammer). Hands off, Hubster. This one is mine. This is a great Christmas gift idea! The allen key set alone is worth more than my weight in gold. We can never find the right size for the furniture set we bought, which leads to tearing the house apart. Problem. Solved.

2. “My Heart is In” Necklace

Live & Love Custom Necklace – This is one of the cutest things I have seen out there right now. Perfect for long distance relationships or if you’re both originally from different states or parts of the world. You can customize it by picking the states/countries and the cities that the hearts are placed in. Even though the Hubs and I both hail from New Jersey originally, I was living in Boston when we first met, and the first year of our relationship was long distance.  This would be something fun to remember that.

3. Resealable Wine Bottle Caps

Capabunga Resealable Wine Bottle Caps - First, let’s take a minute to appreciate the fact that it’s named Capabunga. It calls to my inner 90′s child on a fundamental level. Secondly, we’ve all been there. A night to top all nights, and then, in the morning, all the corks are mysteriously gone. It’s one of those puzzles that will never be solved. This remedies that. So grab a few for your wine-chugging sipping gal pals, pop those bottles and pick apart every person that ever gave you a dirty look.

4. Veggie Spaghetti Maker

GEFU Spirelli Spiral Cutter – Back in the day (uhm, about three years ago), I wasn’t an Italian. Which means I ate pasta maybe once a week. Now, we eat it allllll the time. Which is great, because I love it and all the recipes it’s in. But it’s also terrible because, well, I love it, and all the recipes it’s in. This little gadget could be helpful for cutting out some of those carbs in recipes that could use a little lightening. Plus you’re getting your veggies. Grandma would be proud.

5. Harry Potter Monopoly

Harry Potter Monopoly - Confession time: I have not read any of the Harry Potter books. BUT I have enough friends that love. love. LOVE. the series to know that this little gift right here, would bring them to tears. Here’s the catch – you can’t buy it. (WUT?!). But, you can make it, and the folks over at the original site were nice enough to provide the files and a tutorial on how to do so. So, while I won’t be expecting one, if you know someone who loves board games and once wrestled with the idea of getting a lightening bolt tattooed on their forehead (hey, girl), then this is the gift you need to make them this year.

Here is the original post about Harry Potter Monopoly
Here is the tutorial for How to Make Harry Potter Monopoly
Here are the printable game pieces for Harry Potter Monopoly

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