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Ordering My Groceries Online

I know.

I feel like I have either hit an all-time high in sheer genius or an all-time low in sheer laziness. Obviously, I’m going to pick the former and pour myself a congratulatory beer.

Here’s the back story: I decided to host Christmas this year. I planned, plotted and schemed to make it as efficient as possible. And it worked out. It really did. Christmas was comin’, and I was OK with it. Except for my final trip to the grocery store. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was left on Monday (Christmas Eve’s eve) with the impending doom of having to go food shopping on – *gulp*-  Christmas Eve. The horror.  All I could think about were the crowds and crowds of people that would be doing the exact same thing. People running over my heel with their shopping cart, maneuvering around the elderly, pretending it’s OK when little kids pick stuff out of my cart (nah, bro, we’re cool; your kid’s happiness is way more important than my cranberry sauce) - I’m getting anxiety writing about it.

I was sitting at my desk wishing some magical fairy would deliver my groceries, when I thought to myself - wait. Can I order my groceries? You guys, I could. And it was glorious. I placed the order for pick up on Tuesday, and spent the rest of my Monday morning convincing my body it no longer needed to be stressed. I know other stores have the similar programs, but my local grocery store is ShopRite. Pouring one out for my fellow Tri-State area food shoppers! So I thought I would give you guys a little review on my experience ordering groceries online and why I will do it forever and always.


The Benefits of Ordering Groceries Online

  • Time saved – My Sunday morning ritual includes having my cup of coffee, watching HGTV and planning out our dinners for the week. During this, I also make our grocery list, because I can check what is in the house and what we actually need. Now, instead of going food shopping, I stay in my pajamas, pour myself another cup of coffee and place my order online. Because I have my list, I can place my order in under 15 minutes, which is a whole lot less than traversing the store. Did I mention I was still in my pajamas? Win.
  • Money saved – Have you ever gone food shopping and mentally calculated how much your total is as you’re going through the aisles? Unless you’re a calculator, chances are you are usually off by a buck or two. Or fifty. The benefit of shopping online is that you can see your exact cart total. If you’re trying to stick to a budget (hi), this helps so much.
  • Quickly sorting by what you actually want – You can sort your search results by Brand, Price or Unit price. There are some items I will purchase by brand name only, and there are some that I will buy whatever is on sale. This helps me find the lowest prices quickly, while I might miss some prices just by physically glancing over the entire display.
  • Impulse-buying is curbed  - Guess what you’re not doing when you order your groceries online? Standing next to the candy aisle. Guess what isn’t calling your name? Wildberry Skittles. Your wallet & diet will thank you.
  • Substitutions – If they are out of a brand I have selected, they give me a call and let me know my other options. You can select “allow substitutions” when you checkout, but I would rather have the say in what I am buying. The ShopRite reps are super friendly when they call and have even run through the store real quick to get me answers.
  • Special Access – The store I use has its own “ShopRite from Home” entrance, along with its own parking spots. So you get preferred parking, and you don’t have to go into the regular store and deal with the crowd or checkout. It’s pretty awesome. I just walk in and tell them my last name. My groceries are all packed up in a cart and ready to rock and roll. They even offer to bring it out to my car for me, but I haven’t gotten that lazy yet. Give me a few years.
  • Delivery Vs. Pick Up - I have only used pick up when ordering my groceries online. This includes a $10 packing fee. However, at my ShopRite, if you spend more than $100, the $10 fee is waived. I typically do, and will try to to get $10 worth of groceries over $10 packing fee. I can’t tell you what delivery charges are because I haven’t used it. But my thought is that I would have driven to ShopRite (and back) to go regular grocery shopping, so to make the trip sans-craziness? I’ll take it.

Anyone else getting as excited to try out your local grocer’s order online capabilities?



  1. Awesome to read about your experience. Definitely interested in trying this! Spending a hundo is never an issue and shopping from home would probably make me more organized!!

    • It makes you more organized without a doubt! Plus, you can check your kitchen/pantry to see if you really need everything you are buying… because you’re right there. I absolutely love it. If you try it, let me know what you think!

  2. Ha I’ve thought about the shop from home but not knowing someone who has tried it I was ehhhh about it! well you definitely made it sound fun (especially staying in pjs and drinking coffee) not to mention I have 3 kids and makes for one hell of a shopping trip!!! this is awesome :)

    • Dude! You definitely need to try it, especially with three kids. You save so much time and stress, it’s awesome. Try it the next time you go shopping and let me know how it goes – I am pretty sure we use the same store!

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