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Ways to Kick Butt this Holiday Season: Part II

So. We have our Christmas gifts thought out, a gift buying plan that won’t make us want to squeeze lemons into our eyes when we receive our credit card statement in January, and our holiday cards are already ordered (right? RIGHT?). Look at us. We are a holiday-stress-fighting-machine.


Now, I want you to look at a calendar (specifically the month of December). And while you’re doing so, decide all of the holiday/Christmas/Hanukah/drinking traditions you actually want to do. This is the hard part – deciding what you want to do versus what you feel like you have to do. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things you have to do… like shower. Life is tough. But many times we find ourselves stretched too thin trying to cram all things festive into 30 days. I’m over it. Christmas caroling, gingerbread house building, snowmen, snow angels, snowballs – not for me (not that there’s anything wrong with those things… reeeellaaaaxxxxx. Seriously, bring me a homemade gingerbread house.).

But, there are some things that are truly important to me that I want to do. That being said, I am looking at my (Google) calendar and putting these important things on it right now. Scheduling them in so when other events arise, I will know what I am giving up if I quickly accept the new invitation (which many people have the tendency to do around the holidays). Here are a few things I am not forgoing this year:

  1. 25 Days of Why the Hubs Rocks – click here to see the whole idea, but in a nutshell, I write out 25 compliments, date ideas and mini-gifts that all revolve around my hubby and the time we get to spend together. He gets to open one card a day. I did it for the first time last year and he loved every second of it.
  2. Christmas Eve Surprise – more details to come!
  3. Op Drop – this is the code for the day my brother and I take and go Christmas shopping together. Guess what it stands for: Operation Drunk-Shopping. Anything that I don’t order offline, I get during this one trip to the mall with my bro. Which starts at the bar. Which opens at 10:30AM. It’s intense. And fun. And hilarious. We stagger around, make fun of people, and sit on Santa’s lap. Don’t be jelly.
  4. Decorate the house – this is an entire afternoon/early evening event that leads to drinking and fits of giggles. I also wrap gifts during this time, so my advance apologies if they aren’t perfect. They were done in stupor love.
  5. Cut our Christmas tree - I am actually putting this on the calendar because sometimes things get so hectic, we will just go to a local nursery and quickly grab a pre-cut tree. They don’t seem to last as long and I want the hot chocolate and the pine smell and the mudd. WUT.
  6. Going to see my Grandma and Great Aunts sing at midnight mass on Christmas Eve. It’s awesome. ‘Nuff said.
  7. Volunteer at a local shelter.
  8. I really want to visit the Rockefeller Christmas tree. True story: I have never seen it. So that’s a new thing I want us to do this year.
  9. Cookies! I don’t think I am going to go all out and make cookies for all my neighbors, BUT we do own a business and I really want to do something nice for all of the parts drivers and tool guys that have taken care of us this past year.

So all of this is now scheduled on our calendar, which shows me what free time we actually have for any of the “by the ways” that come up throughout the month. Did I miss something? What are some of the traditions that you can’t do without once the holidays roll around?


  1. I love you the most in the world, but this just gave me legit heart palpitations! So much in one little month! Bring it on, December!

    Maybe I can see your face once the craziness is over?!

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